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“My faith is my profession. Storytelling is my passion. My work is where the two come together to glorify the Lord and His kingdom.”

Husband, father, son, and friend to many brothers.

Romans 8:37


Chris has a deep and enduring passion for the craft of storytelling. Since 1998, he’s honed his skills across multiple mediums including novels, films, TV, digital, and more.

On the literary side, he’s written several books across various genres including western, crime, action adventure, Biblical, and action thriller.

On the film side, he’s worked with A-list executive producers and production companies to develop and write multiple high-budget screenplays in genres including heist, crime drama, action adventure, thriller, neo-Victorian, and western.

On the TV side, he’s developed and written a handful of pilots, partnering with A-list show creators and celebrities to pitch to major networks. Genres include action drama, historical drama, action adventure, and crime drama.

Beyond writing in the major mediums, Chris has directed dozens of video production projects for clients including magazines, architecture firms, museums, and large corporations.

He’s also written and directed multiple short films and proof of concepts, as well as a web series that launched as one of the first indie series on YouTube.

Having learned the craft of storytelling in the world of secular entertainment, Chris now plies his trade to glorify the Lord and His kingdom by creating compelling stories filled with God-fearing characters.